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A question about the 550D/650D


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I've been looking at both these cases and considering a purchase but first I need to know if they're compatible with the water cooling setup I plan on installing.


My question today is this, do either of the 550D/650D cases have enough space in the top to mount a 47mm thick radiator?

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My question remains unanswered in regard to the 550D.


But it's nice knowing the 650D will work.


Now I just can't make up my mind between a 550D+H100+noctua fans or a 650D+EKWB LTX240 kit

Forget Noctua Fans, if you are going to change the Corsair Fans ( I don't know why) get Cougar Fans, you can get them from Newegg on Ebay, not the Newegg site, they only have the Orange ones, the Newegg Ebay Site has the black ones.
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