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M90 & K60 concerns


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Hi guys!

I'm really looking forward to buy both M90 and K60, but I have few questions to be asnwered first.


1) I read about the keys turning grey on the K60, the problem is still present in the keyboards currently on the market?

2) Is there any plan to introduce the backlightning in the K60?

About the M90...

3) Are all side buttons easy to reach? I don't have a too big hand.

3) Will I be able to use a side button of the M90 for the push to talk in TeamSpeak or ventrilo?

4) Will I be able to use the side button of the M90 to activating macro/skills or any game functionality?


I love the corsair hardware design, I really hope that software problems arent perventing me to buy them.

Thank you for all the answer!

(and sorry for my bad english. :P)

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  • Corsair Employees

Thank you for your interest in the devices.


1) The K60 seems to have only affected a select number of users. We identified an early batch of the keyboards that may have the issue. Some did and some did not. We have since modified the production process to add some additional protection to the key caps. If for some reason the keyboard you purchase is affected we will be happy to replace it for you.


2) I can not comment on any future products. I have not heard anything in the works.


3) It all depends on your personal preference. I have no issues pressing the buttons. Once you use the mouse for some time, you start to press the buttons in a way where the tip of the thumb does not press them. You use your upper thumb. Hope that makes sense.


Yes you will be able to program any of the side buttons for push to talk. Review the sticky in this forum on how to set that up.


4) Yes you can use the buttons to set macros. Just remember when you set a macro you are replicating a keyboard stroke. So make sure in a game a keyboard stroke is set.

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