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Corsair Series 3 Blue Screen of Death Boot Problems

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i replaced a Raptor Drive with a Corsair Force Series 3 SSD-F240GB3A 240GB SATA III Drive


this is my 1st SATA drive and replace the drive in my Shuttle to reduce noise and cooling problems etc


no software or instructions came with the drive (purchased from newegg) and installed a fresh win 7 64 bit operating system as well as all of my software to get a clean install


other than the time to install the entire operating system and software the install was as you would expect


than i did something stupid, i did a windows disk defreg, and since that point every morning when i start up the system windows will crash with the blue screen of death and it will boot again, i select normal and it boots fine and the puter has no more problem again until the next day which i go thru the same process again


so about a month into this situation i though i would check the corsair tech support and forms and see if anyone else was having this problem


the 1st q&a i found it that corsair recommended that i Turn ON ACHI in the bios, i had no clue that this had to be done when i installed the drive so thought that this might solve my problem, so i rebooted the system and made the recommended change


once the changes were made i restarted the system and now with that change in the bios the system will always boot to a blue screen of death and just keep doing that and never open windows


so i change the bios settings back to ide and it booted like normal


my questions are a follows:


1. do i need to change the bios setting back to AHCI and install the software again


2. by me doing a hard drive defrag have i corrupted the install


3. i also notice in some of the other threads in the form so sort of accel software etc. should i d/l this and install it as well?


tks in advance

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1. Your best bet is to back up your data, secure erase the SSD (DIFFERENT than formatting), enable AHCI in the BIOS, install the system again.

2. Possibly.

3. No, as you're reading threads about the Accelerator Series SSD Cache Drives.

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wired: i was able to enable the AHCI using the method provided by microsoft and made the change in the bois and it booted up fine. still dont know if it will solve my 1st boot in the morning reboot problem. i also just purchased a 45GB Corsair Accelarator drive that i plan to install with the provided software. not sure in instructions will be included, so do i need to set that one up in the bios as AHCI as well?


also is doing a disk defrag good or bad for the main ssd drive?


once i install the accelerator drive will i still need to do the IE explorer cashing method that in the Windows 7 Tips & Tricks by Davvc?



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