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I just wanted to post this in the case section, so that way if there is further discussion about the 600T it will be relevant to the section.


Currently I am actually thinking about getting a new case, which is the 600T, cause I have been drooling over that thing since it came out, and thought it'd be a good case to upgrade from my 902. I'm sure the 902 has better airflow, but if I put a Spectre Pro at the front it will help a lot with it's 140+ CFM and the case is just awesome all around with features that the 902 wish it had.


I might replace the top 200x20mm fan as well since it has a CFM of 70ish, and might just get a normal 200x20 Spectre of 47ish CFM, because I will still have my H60 as an exhaust and hope that the superior 140+ CFM Spectre Pro will out match both the H60 in push pull and the top exhaust to still have a sightly positive pressure setup, or at least balances the pressure. I hate dust and positive pressure is what I want.


I will have only one HDD cage since it's all I need and I will have it near the PSU, so the air can just breeze on in and I will most likely have a 120mm below the 5.25 drive bays just like Arctic Wolf, lol. If it just dangles there, I will definitely find a way to make it stiff so it doesn't blow itself backwards etc.


Last thing is I will have the window instead of the mesh. I can't deny the window, it just makes the system look much more cleaner and one can glance at the hardware and see the cable management effort that was put into it, if one can appreciate that sorta thing. I find that much better cause internals to me is also important and being able to view them, not just in appreciating the internals but also to see if they need a dusting without removing the side panel, lol. Instead of.... you know.... Oh what's inside? Oh I can't see, because there's mesh and fans in the way. Oh well!!! lol. Well that's pretty much it for now. Thanks! :)


And just a thought here. It doesn't make sense to me why a lot of cases will have dust filters for the front intake fans, but no dust filters at all for side intake fans. Unless they expect people to use the optional side fan(s) as exhaust, it pretty much defeats the purpose of having dust filters to begin with. Good thing I just want a side window anyways :)


At least cases like my 902 has the option for a side fan that comes with a removable dust filter, so it's suitable for everyone, regardless if someone wants to install the side fan as exhaust, or intake. The dust filters are pretty sturdy too on the 902. I have washed them close to a hundred times already and the screen isn't falling apart etc. Except some of the screen fibers will poke out of the rim of the frame a little bit, but I just melt them into place and it's all better and I only had to do this once. Anyways, thanks for reading another of my little rants as a side note (a big side note at that lol). Take care everyone!


Alright, I'm sorry, but I have to ask. Is there anyway that I can purchase a grey/black 600T with a side window? Or do I have to spend an extra $30 for it, via this link? Thanks once more.



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I understand about the mesh and it's usefulness. I am just trying to use the windowed panel only. I don't care if I have to turn the AC on, lol.


As for the top exhaust fan, I am having 3 fans total already at work as exhaust. Two on the H60, and the 200mm at the top. The thing is that I don't want too much exhaust to the point I am in the negative pressure domain, which was the reasoning behind me getting a lower CFM top exhaust fan.


But I suppose if it does end up being negative pressure, then the dust filter in the front will help me out with any dust problems. Seeing as though I am not going to use the mesh side panel that doesn't have dust filters, then dust shouldn't be a big deal. So I guess it's a time will tell kinda thing.


I guess I could make the H60 as an intake, but I don't know how well the single 200mm will do at dispersing heat, since it will be the only exhaust in the entire case and will be responsible for the heat of the entire case. Plus I don't like the idea of warm air from the radiator flying towards my motherboard heatsinks and my memory dimms.


Just like to plan ahead is all. Any more suggestions and advice and general info is highly welcomed. Thanks! :)

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Hello again m8 :o),


Certainly sounds like you're planning a nice rig there.


I had to purchase my windowed / mesh side panel separately to answer that query!! My 600T is set up with the window in use, I haven't needed the mesh in all honesty, at least not yet. With Summer fast approaching and ambient temps on the rise, I may have to review that particular decision. But, all I can do is wait and see what the results are when it happens, rather than pre-empt or guess what might happen and end up fixing what wasn't broken as they say.


Despite having hardware that is certainly capable of creating a lot of heat, the 600T copes with it all very impressively. Ultimately, shop around, some places here in the U.K. have recently been selling the optional window / mesh as a bundle for the same price as just the 600T alone.


I'm assuming you've seen a picture of my rig under another thread??? I'm not sure whether you saw it or not, but I also have a "stealthy" extra 120mm intake fan up in the top 5 1/4" bays as well, (there's room under the optical drive if you just install one)??? Thus, an additional 120mm of intake to maintain positive pressure airflow. I'll include a pic below again of my rig finished for you if it helps.


Dustiness to date. Minimal, negligible, enough said!!


As for your plans with the top fans, (I'm a poet and I don't know it) :biggrin:. If you swap out the stock 200mm for 2 x high flow 120mm fans, you'll be shifting significantly more air out than with the stock 200mm. Which could mess with your "positive pressure" optimisation. Obviously it'll be dependant upon the given fan specifications you end up choosing. Time to do the math to make a decision on that one if you really must change out the stock 200mm!! However, I'd advise running your rig with the stock kit installed first, then make a decision later on whether you want to spend more on after market fans, or even need to replace the stock kit. Again, it's all going to come down to your specific hardware, how you use it, and quite how far you want to go with your cooling needs.


The fan I also have installed below my 5 1/4" bay also doesn't just "dangle" per se LOL!! It's firmly tie-wrapped to the bottom of the 5 1/4" bay, (not exactly perfect, but I'm happy with that over taking a Dremmel to my reasonably new 600t at present to properly modify in screw mounts). Also, if you look closely, you'll see that the bottom of said 120mm fan is secured to the 2 x NZXT 6+2 pin Braided Cables, (tie-wraps). Again, not perfect, but it works perfectly and is fully secured. I have it set up at the 45 degree angle as my specific GTX 590 has the "vapour chamber" cooling design. Meaning it dumps half of the heat it generates back into the case, the other half out of the vents at the rear. That way it's blowing that GTX 590 heat straight up into the 200mm top fan, and out.


My H80 is set up as a push -> pull -> exhaust too. Ergo, I'm obviously breezing slightly warmer air over my H80's rad than if it were installed the opposite way. Whilst this may cause my CPU to run a few degrees warmer........My train of thought there is simply......


.....CPU cost = £260. GTX 590 cost = £680. I'm far more concerned with the longevity and cooling of the 590, (that can and does run warm to say the least), than I am the CPU. The CPU is far more easily replaced if cooked LOL, and the Mobo's system temps are no different either way!! As I said though, the temps are negligible, but I'd still rather baby that Ultra Charged GTX 590 than the CPU.


It took me 3 evolutions to get my rig working at it's best with what I've got!! Now, no complaints at all :o).


Essentially what you end up with as your optimal set up is far more likely to come from a little trial and error once your new kit is all installed into your 600T, then test and reconfigure. You certainly sound like an enthusiast, so enjoy a bit of trial and error once all built and work it all out for yourself. Whilst your research prior to purchase and final decisions has been both extensive and excellent....


.....When all is said and done, use your research to give you "idea's and options", but leave the decisions on your final set up once you have seen for yourself how your particular rig behaves, and your own preferences :).


Good luck with it all :).





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Well said, Arctic. I'm not as rich as a lot of enthusiasts out there are, but I make do with what I have ;). I have indeed seen your rig from another thread during my research on the 600T and it's airflow and saw the thread in a google search with the following link:




My apologies about claiming that your fan had dangle symptoms, lol. I accidentally mistaken your rig for equlizer34's, who is the one with the dangle-like 120mm fan, lol. I also see you have made some nice adjustments comparing the pictures above to the one on the other thread.


As for your plans with the top fans, (I'm a poet and I don't know it) :biggrin:. If you swap out the stock 200mm for 2 x high flow 120mm fans, you'll be shifting significantly more air out than with the stock 200mm. Which could mess with your "positive pressure" optimisation.


I might replace the top 200x20mm fan as well since it has a CFM of 70ish, and might just get a normal 200x20 Spectre of 47ish CFM, because I will still have my H60 as an exhaust and hope that the superior 140+ CFM Spectre Pro will out match both the H60 in push pull and the top exhaust to still have a sightly positive pressure setup, or at least balances the pressure. I hate dust and positive pressure is what I want.


I didn't say I wanted 2 x 120mm fans at the top ;). I was considering in getting another 200x20mm fan with a lower CFM, in case my 2 x 120mm fans on my H60 and the stock 200mm at the top would give me negative pressure. Since I don't want to swap out the 120mils on my H60 for the high static pressure, I am forced to change the stock 200mm at the top. But that's if I do indeed have negative pressure. The simplest solution I could think of was to change the stock 200mil with a lower CFM 200mil of same size (200x20). The Spectre Pro has 140+ CFM, where as the one just labeled simply "Spectre" has a lower CFM of 47ish, where as the Corsair 200mm fan has a CFM of 70ish.


I like your logical thinking of see what happens and that my system might be fine without doing any replacements. But I just like to play it safe rather than sorry. If I do end up in a worse case scenario, I would have to wait for the replacements, since I didn't get them ahead of time. I wouldn't be able to use my system as I would want to, until the replacements arrive, and I am impatient with some things lol.


If I didn't need them and I ended up getting them anyways. Well at least I made the cooling in my case that much better, which can be great when upgrading to components that generate a lot more heat than the previous components. I think it's worth it :D, but that's just my opinion. Just boils down to if it's worth it, or not.


Totally agree with you on the CPU vs GPU sacrifice there ;). Big value difference between the two. Wouldn't the warranty save you anyways though? Regardless, it is well thought out and I like how you have your system setup with good reason. My thought would be the same exactly, as well as I mentioned above about I don't like the idea of warm air from the rad blowing onto my motherboard heatsinks and RAM.


I am aware of fitting a 120mm in the 5.25 bays and how it barely fits and covers 3 of the 5.25 bay slots. Very nice I thought to myself when I first saw it. Does the 600T front bay covers have dust filters? That would be a plus. However, all covers on any case are never tightly compact on to each other. You can fit a decent sized razor blade between the covers and sometimes even a small zip tie, which leaves room for intruding dust. Get the dust! Dust = bad!!! Lol, ok sorry about that. Got carried away there for a moment. But it is a nice idea. My OCD self would probably put a small black zip tie or something to fill in the gaps between the front bay covers, which I have already on my 902, lol.


Well that's about it for now. If I think of anything else I will click the edit button ;). Thanks for the advice and information as always! Take care!


Almost forgot! I am not sure if the US will have an awesome bundle like that, such as the one in the UK. But I will look around anyways. Can't hurt to look. :)

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LOL, no worries m8 :).


LOL @ the other picture you linked!! I'll never understand why some people buy a case like a 600T, designed from the ground up to provide a neat and tidy case with clean airflow, for them to still have an absolute "Bird's Nest" of poorly routed cabling.


Yes, the upper 5 1/4" bays have dust filters too. Actually they fit very snugly together as well. I've just tested the gaps for you as a type. Thick paper can't be pushed into the gaps between them, but a very thin sheet of paper or a cigarette paper will just slide into the gaps!! You're not going to get much better than that really. You've go me started now LOL. I might remove mine, and just put a neatly cut and very thin strip of electricians masking tape on the top of each removable bay filter, = NO gaps at all :o).


The 600T's dust filters do an excellent job of catching dust and other airborne objects. As an example, I have a very fine furred Jack Russell Terrier, and my 600T is on the floor (on top of a small plinth) under my desk, so is more susceptible to dust and fur than if it were up on my desktop. It's been there for approx 7 months now, and I've had to have a small dust 3 times! With the front filters, you simply slide your hand down the front of the outside, and the dust and hair just falls off, most of it never gets a chance to get into the case. It's completely removable too to take out, knock it gently, and any dust that got through and is held on the inside just falls away too.


Misread your thought's on your top fan, (I really need to start reading these posts in the afternoon, not the last thing I do at night when I'm nearly a zombie LOL). Many people change that top fan for aesthetics, they prefer the look of a different after market fan, or go for 2 high flow 120mm's for obvious reasons.


I can't recall very many people ever mentioning they wanted to "reduce" the airflow of the top fan on the 600T, or with other cases!!!! For obvious reasons most want to increase it. Besides, all you need to do to achieve that is turn down the fan controller anyway!!!


Granted, if all of your chassis fans are on the fan controller, you might not want to turn all of them down for the sake of one, but if you're going for a 200mm fan rated as low as 47 CFM anyway, you're going to want that on maximum pretty much all of the time to cope, so you would probably want to connect said fan directly onto your SYS_FAN header anyway to keep it on max. At 47CFM, I can't see it being particularly noisy either.


You might be sacrificing a little too much exhaust for the sake of perfecting positive pressure. Obviously that top fan is going to remove most of the heat built up, and such a drastic reduction could have other knock on effects.


Ultimately, whatever you decide from here on in, good luck with it all, and enjoy building it :).

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The reason why I wanted to lower the CFM of the top 200mm exhaust fan is because there will be 3 fans working as exhaust vs only 1 fan working as an intake. Not the mention the stock top exhaust and stock front intake are the same fans. The setup is already designed for negative pressure as is, especially with rear exhaust in the mix. Since I will have 2 rear exhaust, giving that I own a H60 in push pull, the negative pressure has increased.


The only way to make the setup positive pressure is to find a lower CFM 200mm fan, and a more powerful 200mm intake front fan. As for the lower CFM top fan not being able to take away as much heat as the stock fan, I have all the confidence in the world that the 2 H60 fans will be able to put out whatever heat is left in the case. Not to mention even though the CFM will be lower, heat rises, it won't take much CFM to disperse the heat and the large size of the 200mm will also be played as a huge hole for heat to rise and disperse. Except it will be a huge hole with spinning blades, which doesn't need a whole lot of power to disperse heat that is already assisted by physics, giving the fact that heat rises.


As I've said, if there happens to be left over heat that the 200mm can't cope with, the two 120mm fans on the H60 will do the job just fine. Without changing at least one of the stock fans, there is no way to have positive pressure. Course I could make the top fan as an intake, but that would just create turbulence, rather than any effective heat dissipation. If I am wrong, I would love to hear some info about my mistakes. Thanks again! :)

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Just wanted to add some info here:


I just replaced both 200mm fans in my 600T case as well as the 2 120mm fans on my H80 and added two side exhaust fans. I too was kinda bummed about losing the side window to have to put in the mesh to add those side fans, but the results speak for themselves and I may Mod the window and see if I can make the fans work into that in the future.

Anyways.. after some research I went with the Bitfenix Spectre Pro Led 200mm fans because of the CFM and size.

the front one fit fine but I went ahead and busted out the dremel to make it easier to remove the screws. nothing is visible but it helped a bit.

The top exhaust 200mm fan needed quite a bit of dremel action to make fit, which I didn't mind, but depending on your cable management.. beware when replacing this top fan!


I replaced the H80 fans with Scythe Gentle Typhoons because the stock fans were so loud even on lower settings.


Just making these changes has dropped my temps down quite a bit. my GPU temp at load is down 8 degrees. my CPU temp at load is down 2-4 degrees ( was at 66 degrees C under stress testing, now at 62 degrees C ) and it is a HELLA lot quieter!!

I used prime 95 and Unigine DX11 benchmark for testing and run Core temp 1.0 RC3, and a few other monitoring tools.

Also note that I added a 6 fan controller to manually control my fans as my 600T fan controller just wasn't working right out of the box,m but I didn't want to RMA it plus I wanted a 6 fan controller anyways.


also.. that you SunTzu? pellinor?

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Alright, I took some pics with the most crappiest webcam in the world, so I apologize for the terrible quality. Also the pics that has a red circle, that's actually a gap from the side panel, it's not completely sealed and the hole shows my desk..... DUST!!!!!!!!!!!! The gap is on the back panel where the front intake fan is. Right where the HDD cages were originally. Thought it was funny when I spotted it. I was hoping for a nice complete seal. Spaceship like. :)


Oh well I am happy anyways.





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Thanks for the headsup HOODedAssault. Much appreciated. I took care of that as soon as I read it ASAP. I thought I read it somewhere to occupy channel A first. Oh well, channel B it is. I went to their website and they do indeed say to occupy channel B first. Thanks alot!
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Good job m8, looks good :).


Shame about that gap though. Speak with Corsair, they may be able to send out a replacement panel without RMA'ing the entire case!!??!!??


In the meantime, some electricians tape would at least cover it for the time being, keeping your dust to a minimum.


Unfortunately the odd 600T does seem to leave the factory with poorly fitting and warped panels, and on occasion some with parts missing or huge gaps. GGGGRRRRRR.

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The case and panels are like that by design, it's not a flaw. Stick your fingers between the panel and the black glossy feet at the corners of the panel. There's gaps on each end of each panel at the bottom.


It's no biggy though, still an awesome case regardless. So I'm not gonna sweat it really. I might do the electricians tape thing, but unfortunately I will have to reapply when I remove the panel, since it will pull the tape off from the tape being on both the panel and the base of the case.


So oh well. Just thought I mention what I spotted ;). I also removed the base of the plastic HDD mount for some more open air. Thanks again!!!! :) :) :)


Oh! I also got my SSD in the mail today! >:D

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Indeed, see what you mean now. Bit difficult to make out exactly from your web cam pics, but it looks like some kind of "cut out" for something doesn't it?? Perhaps for something to be routed through or that may seat on a lug (were one to be present)?? Is that what it looks like to you??


Checked mine for you, no gaps or cut outs present. A friend also has a White SE, we checked his for you too, and no "cut out type feature" or gaps in his either!!




My 600T is definitely from an older revision of the Graphite 600T than yours too however, so there are some small differences as the 600T "evolved". If you look at the original pics of mine, you'll see that the front fan has 2 plastic retaining brackets on either side. On the White SE or newer revisions of the Graphite 600T such as yours, after some criticism, Corsair did away with those plastic brackets, and simply screwed the front fan directly to the front of the case. They made some other minor changes too.


For those that have the older revision, we can't fit a front 200mm fan thicker than 20mm due to the retaining brackets for example. At least, not without getting the old Dremmel out and doing a bit of modding. Your revision should be able to fit any thickness of fan you desire, and many prefer the 200mm x 30mm option as this opens up a whole new range of better fans that have the same RPM's as Corsairs, but in some cases up to 20 CFM higher and no difference in noise. I wanted to fit some NZXT's, but don't really want to start cutting up my 600T unless absolutely necessary lol.


As you say, not a huge issue :). If there's one single thing you can look forward to that will transform your new rig, it will be that SSD :). The difference in speed obviously is outstanding in direct comparison to a good old HDD.


Enjoy your new rig m8. Are you a gamer?? Or do you have other plans for this build lol :oP??

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My apologies. I didn't mean at the far end corner of the panel. It's at the edge of the black glossy feet that the case stands on. Maybe this pic will give you a better idea of the location of the hole. If you look at some of my pics, you will notice the hole in those as well by the light shining through it. It's the way the panel was cut and made and how it attaches itself to the case. The bottom lips that connect to the case to close, ends at the sides, and where it ends it creates a gap once the panel is installed. You can not see the gap with the panel off, or just by looking at the panel itself until you know what you are looking for. The panel creates the gap because some of it doesn't touch the case.


And yes, I am a gamer. Been playing PC games for sometime now. But that's not all I do on my computer. If it was all I do, then that would be such wasted potential since a PC can do unlimited amount of other things. :)


Besides games, I mainly use it to educate myself on a lot of different things. A good way to expand ones mind, and have a little fun while doing it. :)







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What sucks is a normal 240 rad will not fit up top. As the 8 pin 12 volt plug stops it from going over. I really wished corsair would have put a little more thought in this when they made the case. Or included a right angle small profile 8 pin adapter. As it seems if you want a 240 rad you are forced to buy it from corsair now. Thanks
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Thanks for the link. I got mine to work but I had to move the whole rad over and offset the location. Perhaps corsair didn't have a 8 pin atx plug in the location that I have though. I'm going to go look over your pictures now. Seems like you have your 8 pin in another location also. Thanks

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Lol, I thought I would never see a second page to this thread. That looks pretty sharp gizdandan. Got rads all over the place ;). Sorry about your situation Killer K. Maybe someone out there will have a custom rad that would fit, or maybe not. Hope you find something that works out good enough to your liking though.


And yeah Arctic. I know I am pretty slow getting on the band wagon, since this is my first experience with an SSD in general. But man, it is fast. I usually have to wait for windows to boot and then put in my password and then wait for all my apps to load before I can really do anything without having slight lag and just generally being stalled by waiting for my apps to load.


Now windows loads pretty much instant and when I sign in, all my programs on my start up list pretty much pop up all at once in just a few seconds, so I can just immediately get to do whatever it was that I plan to do. It's great.


I wanted to get the Intel 520 (120GB) but was a little short on cash, so I just settled with the Crucial M4 which I heard that Intel and Crucial are doing pretty good these days as far as SSD's and that Crucial firmware support is awesome. So I thought why not? So far I'm happy. And that's all that matters. Catch ya later guys :).

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Glad your SSD has surpassed your expectations :). The difference is incredible isn't it.


The manufacturer you have gone with are exceptional as well, and frankly, I'd rather have an SSD from them or Corsair in case of failure, as both have far superior after sales care!!


Enjoy it m8 :).

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Heh, thanks Arctic. Yes it is incredible. I was planning on cloning my old OS to the SSD, but I didn't want any mess ups with the alignment. So I set my alignment through the cmd prompt through the repair section of my OS disk. That way I can align and immediately install my OS. That way everything is fine and don't have to worry about anything buggy happening during a clone, or in this case, having windows setting up a improper alignment for me.


Wasn't long before I got all my apps and games back up and running. And since the old OS is on the hard drive, I can still navigate it once I plugged the HDD back in after everything is installed on the SSD and windows activated. That way I can take any files from my old OS and put them on my SSD. Clever huh? :)

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H80 fans.... Loud.... Really?? My H70 fans are usually silent (NOT using the in-line resistors). If you go into your Bios in there, if you look around, you will see a section called "Fan Speed Control". i enabled Q-Fan on my H70 and set the profile to Turbo and its totally silent while the system is under general use, Gaming causes them to spool another 4-500RPM which is still very quiet, hard rendering in sony vegas or cinema-4D they spool up slightly but theyre never audible over everything else...


I'm Running the 600T with stock fans (+2 120mm fans installed above the top 200mm so i have 3 acting as exhaust) and believe it or not.. I dont hear any fan "whine" at all.. all you can hear from my system when its running is the mass of air being shifted. The ONLY thing that can cause my H70's fans to spool up to audible levels and eventually to 2000RPM is Prime95 stress testing... Although, i must admit, guilty pleasures, i love the sound of the H70's fans as they hit maximum RPM...


But seriously... play around with Bios settings and enable Q-Fan profiling on your H70 (pick the correct fan port its connected to) and enable the Turbo profile....


I'm using an ASUS motherboard so another manufacturer may have different profiles, profile names or settings.. If you need any help, just holla! =D

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