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Ax1200 - VGA turning off


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Hey guys,

Second time here with some problems and in the search for some help.


I used to have a Corsair AX1200, that suddenly got DEAD. In this case Corsair helped me a lot and I RMAd the PSU. I will call it AX(1RMA).

After sending my defective product, I purchased another Corsair ax1200, that I will call AX(2).


I have been using it (AX(2)) until my geforce start turning itself OFF (the leds turn off) as soon as I tried to play games or stress tests.

In first place tried another geforce 590gtx, same error. Tried another set of memories, same error. Memtest fine. Stress tested CPU everything fine. Only mobo hasnt been tested so far.


Modified my wall socket to 220v. No improvement. Modified again, and got a direct cable from the source outside home, with large energy cables. In the same instant the problem has gone. I could even use 2 geforces without problems in games or stress tests.


Measuring the amps and volts, my wall socket delivers 212v and around 5.5 amps (1166w), what I think its normal with 590 sli.


It was ok for 15-20 days, and suddenly my gpus starts turning off again. Got the second out of the system and everything went smooth again.

Send this problematic Geforce to see problems and discovered that it was fine in other PCs. STRANGE, isnt it?


Well, in this meantime, my pc went ok for more 15 days and the other geforce started turning off (1 month ago).

Tried EVERYTHING without sucess.

In the last resort, disconect the cables from (AX(2)) and connected to AX(1RMA) and everything went fine. In order to discover the culprit, change again to (AX(2)) and for my surprise, no more problems at all. Strange...


Well, from this time until now pc was ok, until 2 days ago, and one more time geforce started to turn off. Tried everything, and after repeating the same procedure above (getting cables away and reattaching later in order to find culprity) the problem has gone.


Guys, what the hell is happening? It looks like that is something psu related, but intermitent, that solves when getting cables away and reattaching. Could be short? What could be? Its driving me crazy.


What should I test now? What should I do next?

Sorry for the big text.


Only to remember, mems look ok (tested 2 different sets with same results), VGA looks fine (test 2 differents with same results) and cpu pass stress tests.


Thanks in advance. Please Help.



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I got another x58mobo and the problem is still there. After instalation, my vga turned off twice. Then I made the same procedure of changing cables from ax2 to ax1rma and everything runned smooth again. Trying to find psu ax2 as culprit fails one more time.


I dont know what to do.

I will stress my cpu more with tests

I will memtest again


My concerns rest in Psu and Vga.


Cmon guys,

What should I try next?

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