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both SSD stopped working at the same time

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today, i moved my two F80 into an new computer, and the system refused to start. i can see the fan attempted to turn, but stopped after 1 half turn.

it backed to normal after i removed those 2 SSDs.


i put them back to the old computer, and the bios wont recognized them


im afraid i have burned those SSD, but i seriously dont know how that could happen. the power cable was connected to my Silverstone PSU port which marked "10 PIN SATA"


i connected the SSDs to my other computer, and they were not shown in bios.


i used one of them for system, and another one for photo,


i backed up the photo drive, but not the system drive which has tons of very useful files.


what should i do now? will warranty cover this, or it is my fault totally?



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