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Corsair force 3 fw upgrade questions. Dont want to mess things up.


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I have a 120gb Corsair Force 3 SSD and i have it as my boot drive. I believe its the main reason of my BSODs lately but im not 100% sure so could someone verify this for me please? Heres a picture of the latest BSOD i got





Also my SSD firmware is at 1.2 and i read here that the 1.3.3 or 1.3.2 would fix my problem but before everything else id want to double check that everything is fine when i update


heres a screen of my ssd information from a program called crystaldiskinfo





I should be fine if i download the 1.3.3 fw for force 3 120gb ssd right?


I also read about 1.3.3 not fixing anything and people downgrading to 1.3.2, should i download 1.3.2 instead?



I also read that marvell and RAID mode controllers dont work can someone help find out if i have these? i have a ASRock P67 Extreme6 Motherboard, SATA III & USB 3.0 mobo if that helps.


Id be willing to provide any information needed to have a successful fw update/fix to my BSODs.


Thanks for your time.

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Update to 1.3.3. Read the tips on the download page, then read the .PDF file with the download utility. It's easy.


Should I be fine with my mobo? And the link for the update sticky corsair force 3 ssd 120gb 1.3.3 firmware is the right one right?


Sorry I just don't want to mess up with my computer.

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-Yes, your motherboard is fine, Make sure AHCI is enabled.


-Yes, The link for the Firmware update is right.


-The firmware update is not intended to mess up your computer, If you are afraid you will lose your data, This would be the time to back it up.


-I'd recommend you read the PDF included in the ZIP archive before updating your firmware.

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