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A little irritated by Customer Service

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RMA # 2679362


Recently I started the RMA process for a faulty H40. I submitted all informaiton needed and was given an RMA number promptly. Last week I shipped out the item but was not happy about the shipping charge. I felt that the cost of shipping the device was rather expensive so I contacted Customer service. The agent I spoke to was helpful and offered an H60 instead and I walked away from the conversation happy with the results. Yesterday a coworker informed me that if I had the tracking number Corsair would cross ship the replacement. I contacted CS again and gave the agent the tracking number and all the information need but was told he had no record of the upgrade that was promised by the previous agent. He was helpful and said he would honor that and a replacement would be sent out that evening. Before I hung up the phone I asked him for confirmation of this and was told I would receive an Email with the tracking number. I never received an email and my RMA status does not reflect this. I'm really surprised by the customer service I have received from Corsair. All the other products I have brought through out the years have been top notch but I was expecting the same from Customer Service.

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