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K90 - backlightning and button problems


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So I just brought k90 and when I first put in my computer it lights up every button works and everything is great. I then go to Corair homepage, get the drivers, firmware etc. When I install everything the backlight stops working same with the M keys,plus none of the media keys are working. Also when I press num-lock and caps-lock now it makes a very annoying "BIP" sound which it didnt do before. I tried uninstall drivers, reboot, restore system. everything mentioned in the forums. Nothing works... :mad:


Can still type tho..


Help? :[pouts:



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  • Corsair Employees

Please try the following:


The solution is getting the driver to talk again to the keyboard

Can do one of the following

• Toggle hardware playback (enable/disable)

• Replug the keyboard

• Plug keyboard in another port

• Reboot system

• Manually kill K90Hid.exe in process explorer and start it again (K90Hid.exe is located in the driver installation directory)

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ik have exactly the same problem as the guy stated above me. and i tried all the things you posted. but since the firmwareupdate i cannot do anything with my keyboard which is really a shame. i hope you guys from support can help me get a proper firmware update. in the last firmware update it went on and on till the end. then it said ERROR wrong addres

and the keyboard started to connect discconect connect disconnect every 1-2 seconds. i deinstalled everything and now the keyboard runs. but i can only type i have nu num-lock caps or anything like this because if i press it the keyboard disconnects and reconnects. also no light's and no macro key's.


HEEELP? cause else this was a waste of money and i'd have to go to another keyboard manufacterer.

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