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850 TX Kernel Power Problem


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Two years ago, if I'm not wrong, I bought my PSU from Corsair, after reading lots of good stufs about it.

Never have a problem.

One month ago, my computer starts to restart or shutting down randomly, and frequently. (Core 2 Duo, Gigabyte GA-G41M-S2L, 2x Seagate 1TB, 2GB ram Markvision, 1x Asus DVD Writer).

So i think my mobo was dying and I decided to buy a new computer, or part of one.

I bought AMD FX-8120, ASUS Sabertooth 990fx and a Corsair 8GB DDR3.

I know the memory wasn't in the Asus list of compatible Memory, but it works, the system boot very well. And I try with another memory too, but got the same problem.


So, what is happening.

The Sabertooth don't came with integrated graphics, but I have an very old PCI (!) video card from ATI, don't know the model, but is a 16mb video card, with maximum resolution of 1024x768 (very nice square things) and think on use it, and I did.


At first the computer goes very well after formatting the HD and so on.

But suddenly it starts to restar the computer or shutting it down, with a little wait time to start it again. Strange.


I talk with a friend and get a new (old) video card, this time Nvidia 6200.

At first everything looks that is solved, the computer don't shut down any more.

But when I do that system classification under WinKey+Break, I got a BSOD.


Ok, now the principal, because the BSOD can be because the graphic card is damaged or something.


But strangely, when I install WinAmp and go into search for Medi to Add to the Library, it starts scanning my folder and at a random moment it restarts and starts again 'normally'.


I looked into the logs and got a Kernel-Power erros, I searched for an answer but nothing, the most things I read is related to PSU problems, I don't test with another one because I don't have another one.


Can this be the reason of Kernel Power error?

I'm attaching the logs.

If someone can help me, I spend a lot of money in this computer and don't want to have to buy another PSU as this Corsair 850 TX is so great!

Thank you for any help.


I am running windows 7 professional x64, and tried with windows xp too, the same occurs with the restarting, not tried with BSOD.

The computer runs normally, I can virtualize, install many things at the same time and the computer don't even thinks too much.


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Kernel Power error means that the system was terminated abruptly, nothing less and nothing more. It will neither point to anything specific nor will it indicate the PSU as a cause.


However, somewhere in the files that you attached, of which I don't understand almost anything at all, I found that you're having BSODs with Bugcheck 0x116.

This is related exclusively to video adapter problems. You have to find a reasonable graphics adapter and then see if it's stable. By reasonable I mean something newer, supported by the OS and the drivers. Basically any PCI Express video card will meet those requirements.


If you have memory dumps (.dmp) saved from the BSODs you're having, you can zip a couple of them and attach here, the I'll be able to tell you more.

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