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Modifying Sleeving and Warranty

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I bought a new Corsair GS600 around 6 months ago.

I have been planing to modify my rig for a while, and now its time to face the sleeving part. But i am confused if i am allowed to change the sleeving on my corsair PSU without voiding its warranty. Please note that using DIY/ready-made extension cables arent an option since my case is a tight fit, and it has no right side panel.


I want to sleeve it with Bitspower sleeving. I have nimble hands.


so... will i void warranty if i sleeve the cables?




Thanks for your help.


PS:- i did search the net first for the answer and most of the times i got the answer as yes, i wont void warranty. But since i am from india, i just wanted to make sure if its applicable in india as well.

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  • Corsair Employees

Please allow 24 hours before you bump a post per forum rules. Your first post was made at about 12;30 AM this morning after we closed yesterday and you bumped the post at about 6 AM this morning before we opened today.

And as long as you do not modify the cable there is no problem installing sleeves on the cables, just do not cut or change the wires.

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