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CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9R on MSI 790FX-GD70


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Just purchased two 4GB sticks of Corsair Vengeance from Newegg. Installed in my system and it went through post but hung immediately after. Ended up resetting and then had even more issues. No post at all. Tried a single stick with the same results. When I put in my old memory, Windows prompted me to run startup recovery. I ran it and it failed but it booted up afterwards anyway but I was missing a partition.


Am I doing something wrong here or is this memory incompatible with my MSI 790fx-GD70.


After getting it to boot up on my old memory I tried one of the new sticks again just to be sure. With either of the new sticks it will not even turn on the monitor. Mobo displays code 08 or 20.


Any help is appreciated.

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Unfortunately they do not appear on Corsair's memory finder for your MB. So these sticks have not been tested on that specific MB.



I also could not find them on MSI's site either


Install just one stick in the correct slot and reset the BIOS then load setup defaults and verify the timings and voltages and set the frequency to 1333mhz.


That is the max supported memory frequency of your CPU. You will have to overclock to achieve higher frequencies. You may also need to give them more voltage than the 1.5v that they are rated for.More You can safely try 1.65v and add .2v to the NB voltage


I'm not sure why you would have a partition missing from your HDD. I have never heard of memory issues wiping out partitions before. Corrupting data on that partition , yes. But not totally wiping it.


If you can not get either stick to boot the machine normally, you may want to return the set and find one that appears on the QVL list to be sure they are compatible.

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