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No RMA Location in Canada

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UPDATE: March 27th, 2012


I called Corsair back and explained the RAM never worked in the first place and they are now sending a pre-paid postal slip! Thanks Corsair! You're back in the good books!


P.S. Thanks A.M. for the heads up!




I recently purchased Corsair Vengence DDR3 32GB kit of ram only to find out it was faulty! I could not send it back through where I purchased it (Canada Computers) because of the 30 day return policy, and I also could not wait for the new ram to arrive, since it would stop my business (no computer to use!).


It is very disappointing to find out Corsair does not have a Canadian RMA location. I now have to spend $30 to send back faulty ram that never worked in the first place!


So fair warning to Canadians buying Corsair products! If you have to send it back for warranty it will cost you in postage! My package is only 1lb too!

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