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"system specific" and "certified" memory -- academic query


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I am sorry but I did indirectly and yes you are correct I did not directly answer your questions because I cannot No one can the way it was asked. if you want a guaranteed part for your DELL then I am sorry you have to go to Dell and purchase it directly from them. Our memory has a lifetime warranty and should work in any qualified system, and should they fail we will replace them. However, warranty does not cover compatibility and why I suggested if you decide to try the memory I would just make sure of the resellers return policy in case they do not work. And I am sorry but at this time we would not offer memory that would be compatible with your system. The slowest 16 Gig set we offer at this time is DDR1600 which your system will not support. However if you want 8 Gig and will replace the current memory CMX8GX3M2A1333C9 should work but only one set. And they will likely run at DDR1066.

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