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not acceptable issue MAJOR issue


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it may happen or never happen this day i decide to play alot, i play a game with my m60 (tera beta)

with a profile saved on my hardware... all is fine ( keybind wise)

and randomly, my mouse stop tracking.


i mean wow, did monkeys tested this mouse? ( well probably related to driver / software)


i have to unplug and replug the mouse in game and hope i dont die while i do that


after that, its do work, but im not sure when will be the next time


this have happened a few times, only started a few days ago ( maybe its was always there, i was just lucky)


fix this asap update the ****ty driver and software a gaming mouse that may loose trackign in game... really???

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i also think its might be related to for macro/keybind i use with some buttons


+ using my keyboard at the same time dans may bug the mouse , i mean tracking (hardware wise) just work or dont work, i would have saw this issues many times in windows also , but never


its only happened while playing Tera online close beta 4 ( i also used a diferent macro on my mouse for doing alt + 1 and alt + 2 binded on the 2 DPI button)


what i think is something strange happen due to binding these 2 button


i hardly think its a mechanical problem ( i could be wrong but its very weird)


( i save to mouse as hardware playback)

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right now im trying the mouse of basic config ( re flashed the firmware and re installed the software to clear all other profile to be fresh without modifying anything)


ill test in game alot if the tracking fails or not

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