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TX850 v2 buzzing


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I've been noticing an increasingly annoying buzzing coming from my tx850 v2. I've tried the possible fixes mentioned elsewhere (disabling eist, c1e, etc) but the buzzing is still there. The issue seems a bit intermittent and there doesn't seem to be a single cause (I've had it making the noise before the computer has even posted, when idle or just browsing the internet and when gaming).


All it's powering it an i5 and gtx 560ti so it isn't under any heavy loads, just wondering if there are any suggestions or if it's rma time. :(:


Looking elsewhere I've seen a few other people having so if I do have to rma it is it possible to pay the extra and get it swapped to a different model (ax650)?


Not great quality but I have a video of it here:



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