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Coirsair Force GT 180gb 285 MB/s Max


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I have recently built a new system consisting of an Intel i5 2500k cpu, Asrock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 motherboard, and a Corsair Force GT 180gb for a boot drive.


It is without a doubt faster than the previous WD Raptor i was using but after checking the drive speed i see the read rate according to HDTune has a max of 285.9 MB/s speed.


I have enabled ACHI in the bios prior to installing Win 7 64bit, verified trim is enabled, and also that it is indeed plugged into SATA port 0 which is one of the SATA III ports on the motherboard.


Any ideas on what else I can do to get speeds up to what they should?

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I was reading some other threads and saw ATTO mentioned. I downloaded, installed, and the transfer speeds appear to be alright.


If someone can please look at the attachment though, as i am certainly not the expert here.




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