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My K90 is here, first impressions.


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Hi, my K90 has arrived yesterday :D: here are my 1st impressions.


1. It is absolutely beautiful. Aluminium looks great, backlight looks great. Wrist rest looks (and feels) great. Even the cable looks great.

I've hear people complaining about a couple of visible screws on the metal plate: minor detail, but they are visible.

I've heard people complaining about uneven backlight on keys: it is there, but really, who cares ?

I've heard people complaining about the stiffness of the cable: come on ...


2. I installed the beta drivers and upgraded the firmware with no issue at all (Win 7 Ultimate 64). Only minor glitch is that Windows hasn't switched to the proper keyboard layout (I was on an UK layout before, the K90 I have is US), had to manually sort this out.


3. The red switches feel just great to me. I game only on FPS (actually, only cod4). I have no issue at all even when typing, I don't think I have more typos due to the fact that the reds require little force to actuate.


4. Noise: absolutely no noise while gaming. When typing, it's a bit louder than my previous (non-mech) one, but nothing critical (it may depend on your style, YMMV). In any case, there's always the o-ring mod.


5. Non-mechanical keys: it's a non-issue for me. I don't use the ESC, F1-F12 and Ins, Home etc while gaming (at least not for critical actions). I don't even use the macro keys in-game, so I can't care less. If the non-mech keys saves even as low as 10$, then that's good for me.


6. Macro keys: I've heard complains about the fact they are in a lower position with respect to the rest of the keyboard. It indeed looks a bit strange aesthetically. It seems Corsair has decided to put them this way to "reduce the chances of pressing them unintentionally". Sounds like a weak excuse to me, given that even at the same height, they are very hard to reach (at least to me, while gaming with my fingers on WASD).

Some people screams about the fact that they are hard to reach, but then I don't see how you can make them easier to reach.


7 Macro recording: I use the macros just for some server commands (e.g. switch map) and this works fine for me even without hardware playback.

The software however is (at best) clumsy. I programmed my macros on my previous keyboard (microsoft x4) without the need of a manual or a forum. On the K90 I had read all this forum before, read the manual (of the M90) and still I had to spend 20min before getting one to work.

On top, you cannot edit the macro once written, you can only re-write it from scratch (at least I think so). There are things that are "hidden": right clicking somewhere will pop-up some options, but nothing informs you of that. Just bad UI concepts all around.


8 Repeating key: issue not encountered up to now, but I just got the K90 for 1 night (3hrs of gaming plus 2hrs of misc stuff).


I'm a bit concerned about the life-span of the wrist rest: soft touch feels nice, but will it last ? Don't know, hope so (but I can live without).

Funny also that you get a keycap puller with the K60 and not with the K90 :sigh!:


Overall I think that for the price, the K90 is a very good deal (check the prices of other mechanical keyboard with backlight, full plastic).

Initially I wanted the K60 but the small price gap between the two makes the K90 a much better deal: for 10-15 extra Euros (here in FR/Europe) you get macro keys and backlight, no brainer.



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Like you I have recently bought this keyboard and I too have had problems writing/recording macros. The macro keys are the only reason I bought the K90 and I must say I am disappointed with the lack of any advice on how to use them. If someone can just tell me how to successfully record my WoW macros it would be much appreciated!
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Before the K90 I used a competitor's keyboard (clue: orange lights and five macro keys) and I can tell you that having the macro keys set lower is a great idea. On my old keyboard I was always pressing the macro keys instead of esc, left shift and left ctrl. This is because if you're used to using a normal keyboard then muscle memory tells you that esc, shift and ctrl are the left-most keys.


I love the K90 but I find the keys just slightly too sensitive. I only have to do little more than brush them for a keystroke to register.


I agree that the software sucks. I was trying to set up my macros manually rather than recording them and it took me several days to figure out that the box next to 'Assign Key G1 >' is for the title of the macro, not for the key-presses. This app badly needs tooltips and an updated help file.

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Sitting here with my first mechanical keyboard the K90. Just opened it 10 mins ago.


My thoughts:




Very nice, I`m a bit fan of the aluminium however visually speaking the boar looks unbalanced because the G keys do not have the same base. IMO the best way to solve that would be to make the G keys detachable. This would allow people to have some separation in there and also would allow for a minor degree of customization.


This is my first go round with a mech keyboard and thus far I am a fan of the Cherry Red switches. The 45g activation for me seems ideal and very smooth. Also due to the low activation force required I feel this make the keyboard much quieter since you don`t have to hammer on the keyboard.


In comparison to the G510 I have I would give the nod to the K90`s back light. This is largely in part due to the subtle reflection off the aluminium since there is no shroud around the keys. The only critique I have is that on the top row number keys (not the key pad) - the numbers are less lit than the characters (!"/$%?&*..etc). Personal preference I would have switched this. Had 1-0 lit brilliantly and the rest subtly. oh just another though... how about a line horizontal across the space bar for some back-lighting to shine through there too?


The finish on the keys is something I`ve never felt before and neither good nor bad, just different. But I do like the key font used.


A couple points which did make me stop and go "Oh...?" was that the ESC key sits more sunken into the board than the ~ key. Actually all the F keys are too but it was the ESC which I noticed almost right away. As well there is very little separation between INSERT HOME PAGE and the PRTSCN SCROLL LOCK PAUSE BREAK buttons. I would have liked to have seen more separation here akin to a regular keyboard as I worry this will cause a number of mis-hits when I am coding.


Oh - I agree with the effort to key the costs down with the use of Dome keys, but I do wish the INSERT HOME...etc and those keys would have been mech too (for coding)


One final thing - and bear in mind this in now 15mins into owning this - the media keys on the top right of the board don't seem to be easily accessible because there is no shroud and so they sit behind (underneath?) the top keypad row.


Overall a very good first impression. Quite happy right now and looking forward to breaking this in!

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I agree that the software sucks. I was trying to set up my macros manually rather than recording them and it took me several days to figure out that the box next to 'Assign Key G1 >' is for the title of the macro, not for the key-presses.

:eek: :eek: :eek: OMG, I've been wondering quite a while what the hell that box was for !


This app badly needs tooltips and an updated help file.

Tooltips please !! Everywhere !! I was thinking this:

On top, you cannot edit the macro once written, you can only re-write it from scratch (at least I think so).

In fact, I was wrong. You can edit a macro, you have to right-click on the list of already recorded keys ... how the hell is one supposed to know this, I have no idea.


In case you wonder, I've found this out just because I decided to right-click everywhere just to see if there were more "hidden" features.



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I do not know if anyone has answered my plea for advice on how I write my WoW macros elsewhere, but there's nothing in this thread. Please Corsair tell me how to use my K90 for this purpose, it's why I bought it. I will be looking for a refund if no help is forthcoming :-(
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But I'm not sure what you are asking for? Do you play WoW and have familiarity with Death Knights?


I have no idea how to use this keyboard for macros and I need an idiots guide on how to set up WoW macros. I tried recording whilst in WoW but nothing game related saved. I tried copy and pasting my existing WoW macros, but obviously what I tried wasn't right.


Presumably someone who designed the K90 has WoW experience and knows the process? All I need from them is a detailed flow chart please.


Thank you



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Darcnite, assuming you're on the latest beta version of the software then the closest thing to a manual so far is the first post in the thread 'Vengeance Gaming Software Beta 2.12'.


There's also a little bit of info if you go to the product page on the Corsair site:


then click the 'FAQs & Support' button.

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