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anyone know of any gigabyte forums?


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Hello all, I bought corsair twinx 1024-3200xlpro I have 2 gigabyte motherboards one which my corsair is sitting in temporarily my 875p 8knxp rev 2.0 latestbios motherboard whic runs without a single problem I even burned something on the motherboard when i first got it tons of smoke poured out of it and it was only like a usb connection or somthing that got fried,so i think the boards are decent boards tons of features,thats just my opinon.Iwould have gone with asus but i didnt trust the via chipset anyways I would like to learn more about my motherboards i have a socket 939 gigabyte motherboard now waiting for my new fx 53 so if anyone knwos of any gigabyte forums please reply to this post thank you...
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