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Flash Voyager 32GB usb 3.0 dead


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My USB stick has stopped working can't format it in windows tried all sorts of tools to get it working again but after a while windows won't even recognize it as a drive anymore.


Not even had it for a year.

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Hello Synt,


I have the same issue, but mine stick is just 2 months old....

I bought a second one two weeks later i had bought the first one !


I also can't format the stick anymore.

But i hope that the MBR is the problem ??

I have data on it that i need for my busines trip next week


So i will try to copy the MBR from the good stick to the bad one.

Someone any idea of this works ??


I have downloaded a tool HDhacker, it can copy the MBR and restore it.

it asks only how many continues sectors to read, i can choose for 1 till 16 ??

someone any experience with this ??

whats the right number to use with the flash voyager speed 32 GB USB 3.0 ??

Thanks in advance for helping.

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry we are not failure with this utility you would need to contact that software vendor for help.


But under the software down load in the F.A.Q. sticky you will find a few different format utilities you can use to format the drive. But I would suggest http://www.sdcard.org for the best utility for your drive. But if that will not access it we can only offer a replacement under RMA, please use the link on the left to request an RMA.

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