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Advice Needed on my TX750W


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I just want some advice... I did initially file for an RMA, but now I've asked to cancel it because I'm unsure on what the issue is with my system.


Basically, I've had my 750W TX for about 3 years 2 months. In the past month I ended up with two dead MSI 570 GTX graphics cards which were the twin frozr iii type. One appeared DOA, the other ran for about 4 days and then crashed out in exactly the same way as the DOA one (lines/dots at POST and in Windows). I got a refund for the replacement one and checked over the voltage reported on my PSU at the time and it seemed fine.


Then on Sunday night, I tried to turn my PC on. HAF932 case fans spin up briefly and stopped. Tried it again... Dead. Cycled the power switch on the PSU off/on and tried again... PC turned on and heard some sizzling/crackling sounds and immediately the burning smell and rushed to turn it off.


I then RMA'ed the PSU thinking "it must be the PSU". In the mean time I bought an 850W HX and tested it last night. I decided I'd leave the case open during the test in case anything was wrong. I was right to do so. I only plugged in the motherboard and immediately the north bridge sizzled, and the same smell was back along with the same noises... Now with added smoke to add to atmosphere! :D


So me being me.. I'm a little wary about sticking the 750W into another PC and seeing if it works... So I ask you this. Given the history of what's happened over the past month.. Is it the PSU gone faulty and then caused the northbridge to go or is it just the motherboard?


On a nice aside, I have used it as an excuse to badger my boyfriend for an i7 and got my way :D :D :D.


Thanks for your help and time.


EDIT: I tried to be as specific as possible with my PC specs, my mobo, psu, cpu and gfx card is correct, but the others from the top of memory at work is a bit sketchy.

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I would suggest we start an RMA on the 750 PSU and I would get an RMA on the MB from the respective MB maker; but from what you posted I suspect the MB is the issue but we would not be able to confirm that with out testing the PSU and or MB.
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