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Accelerator vs Force3 SSD as boot drive vs cache drive


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ok. I have Force3 60GB & 120GB in my laptop & desktop.

Now, I'm about to build my 3rd setup with Z68 chipset.

I wonder whether I should buy the regular 60GB SSD or try the Accelerator series. I have a couple of questions :


1. Can the accelerator series be used with Intel SRT optimally instead of the Dataplex software that comes with the drive ? Or is the drive specially optimized to work with Dataplex ?


2. 60GB Accelerator series vs 60GB Force3. Since both has similar price, I wonder which one is faster when used as : a.) Single boot drive. b.) Intel SRT cache drive


3. With typical use (assuming data is fully cached) , how much difference in speed will 30GB, 45GB & 60GB Accelerator series make in boot time & application launching ? Some articles (Anand I think) conclude that cache drive larger than 32GB offers very little benefits unless the user loads huge amounts of random data that flushes the cache very quickly. That is an extreme case, which is not my typical usage pattern at all. For me, I use it only as boot drive, application launching like Firefox, IE, Word, Excel, and with occasional gaming. So, I wonder if the 60GB accelerator drive with 8 channels make a substantial difference in ordinary use compared to...say a 30GB accelerator.


4. Pairing it with Z68, which one gives the best solution in term of performance & ease of installation ?


That's all for now. Thanks

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1. Not sure, It may work, But the Dataplex software might be better than the Intel SRT.


a) Force 3 SSD

3. Not really sure, But i would recommend you buy a non-cache SSD if you are buying a 60GB+ SSD. Read this for some info.





If you are looking to either improve your current HD (as in mechanical HD) performance, Accelerator cache SSD.


If you are looking for an SSD drive (to replace your current OS drive and moving the mechanical HD as a storage) that is better for an OS, programs, data files, Force 3.

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