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H80 CPU Fan error - recent problem, aid required


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Built this system last September, using the H80 system for cooling, and it's been running well for me until now.


Had to moved this past weekend; got the PC setup again...only to get a "CPU FAN ERROR" on the bios screen. System now isn't registering the CPU fan's (shows "n/a" on bios) and the CPU itself slowly heats up until forced shutdown.



Have checked the connections, the system is getting power (lights up, fans are moving), and can't see any obvious connection problems.


As said, checked the connections, even removed the unit and re-attached (checked all wiring, re-applied thermal paste, can still hear liquid in unit so I'm assuming there wasn't a leak). Problem remains; fan error on startup with the CPU slowly overheating.



When I get home from work today will disconnect the fans and see if I can tell if the pump itself is working. My guess at this point is the unit simply went bad somehow during the move?




Any input would be appreciated; I'm far from experienced working with liquid coolers. If I can't get this resolved will have to put in the CPU stock cooler, and reaalllly not looking forward to dismantling this thing for that.

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Problem remains; fan error on startup with the CPU slowly overheating.

If you have both the tach lead and power connections made, and your temps are rising, then it sure sounds like the only thing left to do is use the link on the left and request an RMA.

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Thanks for the input, submitted a request just a bit ago.


In the meantime, tried a few tinkering options; tipped the case on its side and front to see if the pump just needed some priming. No dice.


Disconnected the unit's fans and booted the system, heard a regular ticking out of the pump but nothing else. Guessing whatever is causing that tick is why the pump isn't working and it isn't cooling.


Hopefully will get a response back on the support request soon; but any other input is of course appreciated. Otherwise, will just stick the stock cooler in for now.

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