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Accelerator 60 GB crashing system

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Having problems with the accelerator. it installs fine and when i the restart after the installation. It doesn't boot to windows (BSOD) unless i remove dataplex by pressing "D" upon booting the system.


i'm running on a very stable AMD system with Raid 0. I've also noticed the changelog for i wonder is it similar but dataplex installs fine.

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As you mentioned the changelog for is

Version (03-14-2012)

2. Resolved Issues:

2.1. Fix for Dataplex installation failure on some AMD RAID



-Have you tried double-clicking the "Dataplex Status" shortcut and see if it is Enabled.

-If it is enabled and still does not work, it may be a compatibility error with RAID arrays.

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After a 2 week use of corsair accelerator my win 7 system crashed totally. Have an amd 3870 apu on a asus F1A75-Mpro motherboard. Had to reinstall win 7 and now its working well. But i cannot use the corsair accelerator because when trying to install the dataplex software it says my corsair is in use on another computer. I regret that i bought 2 of these corsair accelerators. Seems like wasted money.

Is there any solutions to this problem.

Hans from norway.

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