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H100 somewhat DOA


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Requested RMA saturday, still waiting for response.


Purchased an H100 from newegg which was not a lot number associated with the "recall."


Plugged it into my power supply and fan header on my mobo to test run it for a few days prior to actual installation in my anticipated ivy bridge build (slowly collecting components as they come on sale).


1. Pin on the molex connector was defective, and does not stay in the socket. No big deal, held on to back of wire and pin connected property.


2. Once system powered on, pump runs fine, but no LED lights. Pushing button does not change pump speed or fan speed.


3. Pushing button DOES slightly decrease fan speed while button is depressed, shoing that there is some current draw, but alas, nothing happens other than that.


4. completed the firmware reset procedure as explained on this site, both with 5sec and 10sec depressing of the button, and allowing nearly 5-10 min after reboot for the controller to "self-adjust" if needed. no change from #2 above.


Disappointed... and still waiting for RMA response.

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Well, got the RMA form today, submitted it, and let's see how fast this gets remedied. I hope the replacement is good... I've read some bad experiences, but it seems like if you can get one working fine for longer than 2 weeks, that it's going to be stable.


I guess if it ever fails outside the warranty period, I'll at least have a decent water block and radiator :-D

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