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H100 Fan and pump does not work


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Bought a H100 on 17th March 2012. Tried installing in HAF 932 ( which was also bought to fit H100 ).

Followed procedure as shown in the enclosed leaflet. Also watched installtion video by Corsair

Installed on Gigabyte MB running FX-8150

One of the fan does not work. The fan pin headers on the pump block does not work either

The Pump block wont light up

Have asked for RMA

The H100 was bought here in Mumbai thro' Prime ABGB

Planning to return it today 20th March

Will I get an immediate replacment since Corsair do not have office in India,Mumbai

Never had problem with H70

A bit dissapointed

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Temp deg C

Ambient = 32

Idle = 34~38

Stressed = 42 ~ 46 ( AIDA64)



Pump = 2100 ~ 2300

Fan profile = Balanced



CPU = 4922 (game stable)

Memory = 1704

GPU = Default


Thermal paste

Artic silver 5 ( Dot method application )

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