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K90 Firmware Update Fail [HELP]


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Hello! Just picked up a K90 the other day. I was going to set some macro's and use the hardware playback function. It tells me to update my firmware.

So, when I try to update my firmware I get this error message "Set firmware update mode failed!"

I saw someone suggested to deactivate "USB Selective" in the power settings. But this didn't work.

Anyone who have had the same problem as me trying to update the firmware? I have tried on my laptop and my desktop. None of them succeeded in updating the firmware.. :confused:


Thanks for any suggestions! :D:


- Olai


Btw: Glad to have joined the forums. :biggrin:

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  • Corsair Employees

Can do one of the following

• Toggle hardware playback (enable/disable)

• Replug the keyboard

• Plug keyboard in another port

• Reboot system

• Manually kill K90Hid.exe in process explorer and start it again (K90Hid.exe is located in the driver installation directory)

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