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Hello and a quick qestion


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Hello Corsair forums =)


I have a quick question, if i may.

I`m adding a two evga 560 core 448 ultras.

I currently have a hx 1000w psu, thats under/around 3 yrs old.

My question is, is my psu`s age gonna cuase any problems?

Is it getting up there in age?


I guess I should add my cpu is a I7 950 with a 10% oc

and I run one hard drive.


Many thanks in advance!



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Corsair quote a MTBF of 100,000hrs so I presume it'll stay within the specified limits for this time so you shouldn't have any problems.

I would have to agree. A PSU can degrade over time and it may not. Just depends really. But they should be pretty reliable up to the designed life span.

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