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Possible problem with AX1200


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Hello Corsair


I have a wonderful AX1200 PSU that I suspect of having too noisy a fan.


The unit is clearly audible at 10 feet through the triple layer sides of my Antec P183 case, and overpowers the sound of my Antec tri-cool fans running on low speed. What confuses me is that it is not a high-pitched or 'scratchy' noise which I'd expect from a faulty fan, but rather more of the sound of a high volume of air being shifted. Thus I am uncertain if the unit is behaving inappropriately, or it is meant to shift such large quantities of air even though it is only being run at about half load.


Is the unit meant to make this amount of noise?


Thank you for any feedback

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Does it sound really noisy if you disconnected it from you pc and do the paper clip test?


Mine was extremely noisy and much noisier than than my TX750 out of the case. Corsair said it was a faulty fan controller so I sent it back. Unfortunately my new one now beeps instead :[pouts:

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