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I have heard nothing on my RMA request!


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Within a few days of receiving my third Survivor GTR 64gb, it dove into the infamous Blinking Blue LED state. I would love to return this unit for a complete refund. According to my experience and all of the other postings related to this blinking LED state, there is obviously something very wrong with this units design...


Someone PLEASE Help...


I can see why might have thought this was a support forum, because of the name. but no member of corsair staff has posted in here for a month.

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They have to read the RMA to approve it...


I agree - put a link to the video and say broken cap connector. Keep in mind that you'll get a replacement, so make sure you have your data backed up.


my rma # was assigned @ Fri, 24 Feb 2012 08:44:28 +0000

my rma was approved @ Fri, 24 Feb 2012 08:44:29 +0000


i'm pretty sure they don't read them any more until they receive the item.


speaking of which, i have heard nothing.

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i wasn't aware that posting in other users threads was against the rules.

its not, but it is like walking into an exam room while the doctor is seeing another patient and you start telling the doc of your symptoms.

if you go to your own exam room you will get the full attention you deserve without the other patient feeling intruded upon.


but thats my take on it.

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