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Confusing RMA system !!!

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my english is not the best, but I'll try to tell you about my problem.

I wrote an e-mail to the RMA Support.

In the e-mail I described my problem and I don't know,

if my power supply is defective or my motherboard.

The e-mail was in german and I received no personal e-mail back.

Just some automated e-mails which are confusing to me! :confused:

I understand the whole context, but for me it is difficult to figure out

the details of their automated e-mails.

Without any personal contact, I was asked to send my power supply

with the RMA number and so on.

What is about shipping fee's to the netherlands?!

And do I have to pay for the shipping fee's from corsair?!

So many questions and no personal support.


The thing why I am appalled about this is the fact,

that there is a big red note from Corsair in each product,

where I am asked to send the product directly to corsair

and not to my store.!


The whole thing is a bit to annoying for me and now I will

give the power supply back to my store.

So they can grapple with it.

I never had any support without an german answer or just

a personal answer! :nono:


This was the first and last time, I contacted the corsair support.



Best regards,



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I am sorry but in your case I would ask the reseller to help you with this, most are more than happy to help. But if not I have found that http://www.google.com has a useful translate toll. Also we have a German section on our forum if you would like to speak in your own language.




thank you for your answer!

My main problem is, that I got no personal email back.

And know there are many questions, which are not answered.

I will ask the reseller.




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