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Is my Force 120 GB dying?

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Hi Guys


I wondered if anyone might be able to help me with a PC problem that I suspect might be my SSD dying.


Completely out of the blue about a week ago my PC started to freeze a few minutes after entering windows. Every time I try to run CHKDSK it freezes at 15% of stage 4 of 5 for a few minutes before resetting. I wondered if it was windows and have formatted the drive and attempted to reinstall, though it fails every time saying that Windows cannot find a file.


I did wonder if it was the motherboard and have updated the drivers, without any improvement.


How can I find out if it really is the SSD that is playing up and what can I do about it if it is?


It was running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit before it all went wrong!


Any help or advice would be absolutely great.

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Try the disk in another computer. If it displays same behavior it's very likely that your disk is dying.


Have you tried Secure Erasing the disk btw? It's a process which restores the SSD to factory performance and is also known to "reset" the disk and clearing out less fatal problems. There's a guide in the stickies.


Also, what's the firmware version on the disk?


Just curious - 3 sticks of ram? It's a dual channel board only, which means that you've got 1 pair of sticks running dual channel and 1 stick which doesn't. Now, I'm not saying that's the cause of the problems, just pointing out that it's a rather uncommon configuration and the memory controllers integrated in the CPU are known to be a bit picky. Or maybe it's running all your RAM modules single channel only, resulting in lower-than-optimal performance. Just a thought.


EDIT: Are you overclocking btw?

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Hi Folmer


Thanks for the advice. The secure erase seems to have fixed things. I've reinstalled and everything seems to be working ok.


The RAM was a copy and paste error from the list I made when I was ordering the PC parts (had originally intended to buy an AMD setup with 3 sticks but went with an Intel based setup with 2 x 2gb sticks. I've not overclocked the machine.


Thanks again for your help.

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