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Typically you don't move files that are 128 KB or smaller.


Let's say you did move a file that small, it would transfer so fast (to us, instantaneously) that no program could even get enough data points to figure out how fast it was transferring. Sometimes you see this effect when downloading small files as well. You really need to transfer a file for a relative set period of time before you can figure out how fast the bit stream is moving.


In the case of SSDs, once you start transferring a Megabyte or two, you can accurately calculate how fast it is able to transfer bit streams.

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Oh ok. So when people talk about the importance of 4K benchmarks do they mean 4 kilo bytes file transfers? Or 4096 kilo bytes (4MB)?


btw I have attached my ATTO results for my 256GB performance pro. I am not generally interested in benchmarking, only ran this once- just to know my drive is running properly. As you can see at peak performance with large transfers I am even faster than what corsair claims the drive can do. But on the lower end with small transfer sizes most of the online reviews of this model seem to fare a bit better. What do you think?


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