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What setting do you usually put the fan on for the H100 cooler?


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If you're smart enough to ask, and understand what's going on, you're not a noob. :thinking:


There isn't one perfect setting for every PC or every user of the PC, it depends on how your CPU is configured, how you use your PC, and how you feel about CPU temp and noise levels.


The main goals for PC enthusiasts usually are, keep the CPU as cool as possible, and/or, keep the PC (CPU cooler) as quiet as possible. Since keeping a CPU very cool will almost always mean the CPU cooler will make more noise, you must decide what is most important to you. Even after you choose, you can still compromise a little of one, say cooling, for the other, noise level.


How you use your PC affects these things very much. If you love to OC and test your CPU, you want maximum cooling, so you'll set it to High. If you don't OC or stress your CPU very much, you can use the Low or Medium setting.


Don't forget that the three settings provide a range of speeds the fans will operate at, depending on the CPU temperature. The speed vs temp graph for the three setting is below:




Depending on your CPU usage, you can choose the profile that will keep your CPU cool most of the time, hopefully the Low/Quiet or Medium/Balanced setting, and change to a higher speed one, such as High/Performance, if you need more cooling.


If fans were always silent, or CPU coolers made no noise, we'd have them set a maximum cooling all the time. If you don't care about noise, you can do the same, but many of us would prefer quiet, and that is a compromise that can be safely made most of the time. Think of how warm a CPU would be with the stock cooler, easily 15C-20C warmer than a good after market cooler. The CPUs will survive for a long time with the stock cooler, they are designed that way. My point is, if you must have quiet, than an idle temp of 40C is Ok long term. The choice is yours.


For your CPU, I would try Medium/Balanced, monitor your temps for several days or a week, and then decided if you want or need to change.

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I have mine setup as "balanced" and all the rest are high performance. But then again, I worked as a merchant marine engineer at for 25 years, so my tolerance for noise is fairly high. I have a belief that there is no such thing as too much cooling (except in the Arctic!)
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