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i7 Triple chanel DDR3 2000MHz complet disaster


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Hi all


DDR3 2000MHz just don't exciste

It is just 1866Mhz memory and CPU ave to be ovelclock to get the 2000MHz

I ave 2 kit ove Dominator GT CMT6GX3M3A2000C8

As i even twik voltage, i can't run over 1992MHz

I don' understand why Corsair don't advertise ther DDR3 2000MHz with 2 XMP profile

XMP 1 1866MHZ

XMP 2 2000MHz with OC ove CPU

I never see any wear a mention that Dominator GT CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 is 1866MHz memory and my CPU will be overclock automaticly

I just keep filing that a was dupe.

If i ave now, i never buy 2000MHz memory

I would choose 2133MHz or 2400MHz instead.


Just to let all now wath is DDR 3 2000MHz

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Hi all


The big trouble with triple channel memory on X58 chipset is if u run more then 3 sticks.


Today i run stably 3 sicks ove Corsair Dominator GT CMT6GX3M3A2000C8

at a speed ove 2133MH/z with a latancy ove 9-10-9-27 and if i use higher latancy like 10-12-12-31 i could OC CPU.


Very rock stable this memory

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