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Low voltages, random reboots?


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I built a new PC using a CORSAIR Builder Series CX500 V2 500W power supply.


For a couple of days it appeared everything was ok, but lately I have been experiencing random reboots. It may reboot when I am playing SC2, or reboot when I am just browsing the internet, or bsod after being unresponsive several seconds. After the reboot, it appears as if the hard drive does not exist. If if unplug and plug in again the power, and turn on the Pc, the hard disk is there again. Yet, when I enter to the BIOS, I see the voltages are: 10.20V in the 12V rail, 4.30V in the 5V rail and 3.36V in the 3.3V rail. I also used my digital voltmeter to measure voltage in the molex power connectors while the PC was running, and it says the same 10.20V and 4.30V voltages.


So my question is: Are these voltages (10.20V & 4.30V) too low? Can these cause the random reboots, blue screens, and other strange things with the hard disk?


Thank you very much for your help!



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