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did i bought two faulty force gt SSDs?

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i was comparing my force 3 and force GT's benchmark scores, and exept with ATTO, my force gt has slower write speed than the force 3, isn't the force GT supposed to be faster wich incompressibles? i have 2x GT and their benchmark scores are identical. did i really bought two faulty GTs?


i bought them just 2 weeks ago, 2x 120gb force 3, and 2x 60bg force GT, they came with the latest firmware 1.3.3


below are the benchmarks, pay attention to the write speeds. the scores are identical when using ATTO, but the GT became slower when using the other 2 utility.


FORCE 3 on the LEFT, FORCE GT on the RIGHT.






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It normal that a 60gb is slower in right then a 120gb

Did u check spec before buing you ssd?

Force 3 120gb

Max Sequential ReadUp to 550 MB/s

Max Sequential WriteUp to 510 MB/s


Force gt 60gb

Max Sequential ReadUp to 555MB/s

Max Sequential WriteUp to 495MB/s


Force gt 120gb

VMax Sequential ReadUp to 555MB/s

Max Sequential WriteUp to 515MB/s


The force gt 120gb is juste a litle bit faster in right the the force 3 120gb


U ave to compare same size ssd

As biger is your ssd, faster is righting speed will be


hope this help

Sincerly yours

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