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<3 my Dominator GT!


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OK! ...so I bought 2 kits of 2000 MHz Dominator GT (CMT12GX3M3A2000C9) to go with my i7-950....since then I've switched to Sandy bridge and (dropping 2 of the dimms, one from each matched kit); have them very happily running at 2154 MHz, though I had to lower the timings to 10 11 10 28...


....just for a laugh, I put them in Quad channel with an i7-3930k, keeping the 2133 MHz operating speed & reduced timings...and they had no problems running in Quad Channel either!


(stability testing was done using the linux Memtest & after Prime95)


...in comparison, I put some dual channel 2133 MHz memory made by a rival manufacturer with the same i7-3930k and this couldn't even manage Quad channel operation at 1866 MHz :eek:


...anyway, very much a random post, but I guess sometimes it's good to hear nice things :D:

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