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Memory Module Dimensions needed for new build


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Hello All,


I'm currently planning an upgrade and will be re-using some of my existing hardware. My concern is namely with my Noctua NH-C12P SE14 cooler, which according to Noctua will not work with memory modules greater than 44mm in height[1]. According to this page at the Noctua website it's possible to allow some Corsair modules to fit by removing the upper heatsink assembly[2].


I am considering the Corsair CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9B Vengeance Desktop Memory Kit for this build. Unfortunately I am unable to find a list of dimensions for the memory modules in this kit nor have I been able to determine if it is possible to remove the top heatsinks, without damaging them or voiding the warranty, to insure proper clearance for my cooler.


The current list of equipment choices is here[3] with this case[4]. My preferred setup will be 16GB of memory using 4 slots but 2(8GB modules) would allow for upgrade to 32GB later. I have found a non-Corsair alternative product albeit at a higher cost that is compatible but so far I've been happy with Corsair even w/ the one bad kit I've had in the past. Any suggestions as to which memory module kits are compatible w/ my current choices would be welcomed. Thanks for your time!










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You can't remove the top of the Vengeance series, however the Low Profile Vengeance series are probably low enough to fit. Keep in mind though that it's never recommended to mix kits, so instead of getting 16 GB now and 16 GB later, it's best to get 32 GB at the same time.


BTW, why that much memory?

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