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AX1200 is a great product ruined by a stunningly poor fan and/or controller


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I have exchanged three AX1200's due to noise. Not because of the power supplies themselves but the stunningly poor fans Corsair has elected to use. I know Yate Loon is popular with some people for quiet operation (despite there being much better options both in noise and CFM) but the quality control on this particular model is just atrocious. Is Yate Loon simply the only manufacturer that can provide 140mm fans in the quantities you need?


On every single AX1200 I have exchanged at my local computer parts store, every unit had a whining noise. In every case the noise disappeared if the fan was stopped with a pencil. I realize people may get a noisy PSU where the noise is coming from a coil but I'm convinced that the majority of the "my AX1200 is whining" complaints boil down to the fan or fan controller.


I am now on my fourth unit with yet another poor fan and/or controller.


For the love of god change fan suppliers.

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