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Warranty for HS1


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So my HS1 finally started to lose sound, sometimes it dies completely on the left speaker, sometime it gets halved in both speakers and sometimes it is almost completely silent.


So I'm not sure how much warranty I have left because I bought them a year or two ago, I am not sure. So how long is the warranty for a HS1 headset and do I need to include the warranty papers if I do send them to you for testing?



So I looked on the warranty section of technical support and it says 2 year, so I'm assuming I need to send the papers with the headphones to get the replaced.

Unless there is a way for you to know that without me sending those papers with me?

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The cord on my HS1 is also faulty now. Right where it connects to the volume control, to be exact. I lose a lot of volume and everything sounds extremely muffled, with minor static in the background. I can counteract it by taping the cord to the volume control, but it's still extremely sensitive. I'm pretty sure I bought my headset in January 2011 so the warranty should still be valid. I'll be filing an RMA as soon as I figure out what papers I need to send with it. I'm pretty sure I kept my best buy receipt and everything.
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