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M60 Back button Sticks, weak scroll wheel.


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I purely just wondering if I have a defective mouse or if I'm experience normal conditions.


My back button will stick sometimes when clicked in, like its getting hung up on the case. (I'm really not pressing that hard)


Also, the scroll wheel, well it just feels like a normal scroll wheel. Not tight or heavy feeling. It also will rattle a little bit back and forth if picking up the mouse and giving a slight (keyword is here SLIGHT) shake.


Is this normal? So far I am loving the feel of the mouse and laser though. Not using the software until they fix the mapping though.


Thanks in advance.

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  • Corsair Employees

If you are still within the exchange policy of your re seller i would suggest contacting them first. If you choose to do the RMA with corsair, you pay shipping to us, and we cover shipping back to you. Depending on your location the process takes about 10 days.


If you wish to set up an advanced RMA please contact our customer service 1-888-222-4346 after your RMA has been approved.

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I just got my new mouse, it does feel better. But, I can tell something is up with the back button spring, it doesn't feel near as good the forward button but it's not sticking so I will settle. The scroll wheel is tighter on this one as well.


Same lot as the first one I had:11478301


EDIT: RAM GUY, please go to China and kick someones butt, I shouldn't have to "settle". I've got a H100 to fix now.

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