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Force GT 90 GB slow on Asus P6X58D Premium


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hello all


I just bought a force GT 90gb to put on my P6X58D (marvell 91xx controller) and i am getting very disappointing speeds (especially writes). The sata 3 ports are in AHCI mode and w7 x64 was installed with it on. Atto only gives me about 250mb write speed and 375mb read. The reads also drop mysteriously as the file size gets over 1024.



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Marvel 91xx controller or bugy

u won't get mutch more from this controller

from wath i understand it because marvell 91xx use a pcie 1x as interface

and it is to slow for ssd. It be even worst if u try to do raid.

Me i buy a Highpoint 2720sgl pcie 8x controller to get full speed ove my 3 force gt in raid. I get 1500MB/s read and 1350MB/s write


hope this help

Sincerly yours

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