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Freeze problem Force 3 120 GB


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So what I tried so far.


1) downgrade from 1.3.3. to 1.3.2.

2) install newest nForce drivers (This result in getting Sata II speeds in stead of Sata I speeds)

3) edit register for LPM

4) Turn Power option to High performance

5) Try Sata Modes in BIOS: IDE MODE & RAID there's no AHCI available on my chipset

6) Try to install 3rd party controller on PCI-express didn't manage to get this working at all.

7) Try 4 different Sata ports.


Any other advice from people or can I make the conclusion the Sandforce firmware is incapable of giving stable performance. If I check google all the Sandforce SSD's have people that are having problems with freezing. Can we do something about this or it's normal for a SSD to freeze once in a while?

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nvidia chipset looto be bugy with sata3 ssd

Witch 3rd party controller on PCI-express did you test

As pcie 1x controller is not good for ssd

Me i got a highpoint 2720sgl pcie 8x controller intal in pcie 16x to run 3 force gt in raid at 1500MB/s

this controller could run up to 8 device but with 6 ssd u reach the maximum speed ove 2800MB/s from this controller


hope this help

sincerly yours

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After days and many hours of work I finally managed to get it stable and with Sata II speed. I tried a different Sata port one was causing a lot of freezes the other less freezes and finally found a sata port that doesn't freeze. For those people that have problems with freezes try to put your ssd to a different sata port and see if it becomes stable. And btw I use firmware 1.3.2 not sure if that matters.
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1.3.3 is also causing freezes as my disk was delivered with firmware 1.3.3. standard. I tried also putting the SSD on a different Sata port also this was not helping. Only the first 30 minutes was stable on a different port after it started freezing again.
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I installed the Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller driver in device manager. This solved my freezing problem. After days and hours of checking the internet testing and trying I finally managed to get it stable. The disks are fast but the problems that come with the disk are unacceptable for the average user.
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