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abit IP35 sata3 Sandforce problem

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Hi All,


1st post, I have just been told by computer shop & got charged $44 for their time to tell me & they made mobo crash!

But besides that at the end they tell me the reason why the force 3 ssd won't install on the abit IP35 is because the sandforce controllers aren't good enough!


Could there be any truth to this?


It's only crashing at 70% of install, I have put the latest 1.3.3 firmware on SSD drive, I have secure erased it & all the other common problems have been tried!


ANY advice would be appreciated thanks Grant


EDIT: I'm running the latest version 18 BIOS & have AHCI enabled in sata mode, if AHCI not slected than it installs fine but obviously not hitting the mark!

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On your abit IP35, you got sata2 controller

So you won't get more speed then the sata2 can give you

Sata2 maximum speed is 280MB/s

If it don't worck in ACHI mode it seam to be a driver issue but abit don't give a lot a suport At this time no abit web sit is worcking.

No pcie 1x controller could run sata3 ssd at full speed

If u want to get full speed ove your sata3 ssd u ave to buy a pcie 8x controller or a intel serie 6 or 7 motherboard with sata3 Intel® Rapid Storage Technology


hope this help

Sincerly yours

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Thank you so much!


It does help & was pretty sure, but wanted confirmation the abit was the reason why the force 3 crashes on install, not really the fact it won't work to it's full speed!


Do you or anyone think it would be the abit controller not working AHCI for sata3 & causing crash on install of windows 7?


Thanks again Grant

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