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Need a bit of advice selecting a PSU if that is indeed the cause of this


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Recently got my desktop from cyberpower about a week ago and it all worked fine the first few days. Then it froze when I was just on the desktop and since then every time it turns on (as in blue LEDs turn on and power supply / exhaust fan turn on) it will turn off 3 seconds later, then turn on again like above and stay on.


Nothing displays on the monitor and no USBs items turn on so I believe they are not receiving any power.


After a lot of reading / some questions and answers I am thinking it could be the PSU.


Basically I am thinking I am in need of a new PSU but could use some help picking out a decent one and this seemed like the place to go.


Put the specs in this profile but if they are not displaying I can post them if needed. Thanks for any help with this.

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