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Corsair H80 Backplate


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Hi everyone,


Short Version: I cut off the plastic from my Corsair H80 Backplate, installed it on my mobo and its running perfectly fine right now. What should my action steps be from here?


My Specs: 2500k, P8z68-V Pro/Gen3, Antec P183 Case, Corsair H80 Cooler.


Long Version: I built my new rig and already installed the cooler, WITHOUT the plactic insulator that was on the backplate. Its been working fine and cool for the last 4 days. No issues whatsoever.


However, I am concerned that at some point this could short my motherboard as others have suggested could happen if the insulator is removed.


I know I deserve my 10 lashings for being a tard and removing it. I should have just googled.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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