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Corsair HS1 not working properly in Windows 8 CP


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I know Windows 8 isn't out nor officialy supported yet, but still I would like to report that the Corsair HS1 headset it not working adequality in Windows 8 CP. Here what look like the headset control pannel :


http://cl.ly/2c0R1X443z1c2T442V1i/hs1-controlpannel.jpg (sorry french display)


System input isn't displayed, only Output mode. Would be great to see driver fully supporting HS1 in Windows 8. Thanks.

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Here is the fix I used. Get 7 Zip (or your favourite alternative) and open the v1500driver_1-1_1.exe file in it. Drag the files inside the installer to another folder. Then change compatibility of the setup.exe file to Windows 7. Voila!
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