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Force 3 1.33 Firmware Update freezes on Mac with BootCamp


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Hi there,

to avoid confusion, here is my setup:

In an early 2006 Mac mini I have said Corsair Force 3 120GB SSD in the S-ATA slot and on the PATA-Port in an OptiBay I have instead of my CD Drive a 320GB HDD. Windows is installed on a Partition of the HDD, the SSD is only for Mac OS.


I tried the Software Update from 1.3->1.33 on Windows, ran the Tool as an Administrator, selected the matching Firmware (22788, I think, but I'm sure that it was matching the Number showed in the tool). After that a warning message showed up (backup your data and so on), in which I pressed "Proceed".

The system freezes with the message still being showed, then the HDD is reading a lot (I can hear it). After a minute or so, the HDD stops making noise and nothing further happens. I have let this system for about 15 or 20 minutes like this, but there was no activity noticeable, so I forced my Computer to shut down. On the next boot, the SSD was still recognized but with the old firmware. A retry of the Update didn't work either, it was still the same. What can I do?


Thank you!

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There is no bios, but I think, AHCI is enabled. At least that's what it says under OS X. How can I make sure that it works well under windows?


Also, no. There is no desktop computer around.


Is there a maximum time an update should last? Or isn't the system supposed to freeze at all?

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Freezing is normal but not for that long.


If you really need the update for stability problems, I would recommend secure erasing the drive with parted magic and then try flashing the firmware while the drive is raw with no partitions or file system.


You could certainly image the drive and then restore it after the firmware update so it is in the same state as when you left it. Acronis is a good utility to do this for windows, not sure if it works on macs.

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