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The last little bit of cooling.....


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I recently built an ASUS P8P67 Deluxe system in a 500R White case with 32 GB of Memory ( with flo-pro fans) and a H100 setup with dual Noctua 120 fans in pull configuration. I checked the surface of the backside of the mobo around and at the cpu socket and the memory sockets area with a thermal point scanner. The temps were around 78 deg F and the cpu showed 97-98 deg F at idle. I installed a 120mm fan to the outside of the case with a filter, centered at the mid-point between the cpu and memory and plugged into my Corsair cooling node, running at 1400-1500 rpm. The cpu temp dropped to 91-92 at idle.

Not really a scientific test, but I had a spare fan and some spare time. Every little bit helps, I suppose!



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